Copy of Video Tutorial

Final Results: Fully restored, healthy pink lips achieved using our products as instructed, with consistency. 
Step 4: Apply lip mask on top of lightening balm during the day to prevent visible peeling. At night DO NOT USE BEFORE BED-TIME, ALLOW THE LIGHTENING BALM TO WORK ON IT'S OWN.
Step 3: Apply 2-3 coats of our lip lightening balm at least 5 times a day. Especially before bedtime, this allows the balm ingredients to marinate and take effect for maximum results. You will start to notice peeling, this is the perfect time to exfoliate. (FOR FAST RESULTS PRODUCT MUST BE USED EVERY DAY, NOT PERIODICALLY) DO NOT APPLY LIP MASK ON LIGHTENING BALM BEFORE BED-TIME, ALLOW BALM TO DRY UP THE DEAD SKIN CELLS WHILE YOU SLEEP.
Step 2: Gently wipe your lips clean with a wet paper towel or napkin using cold water. Cold water is best to use because it helps aid with blood circulation.


Step 1: Use lip scrub no more than 2-3 times per week (over exfoliating can cause further damage) scrub in CIRCULAR MOTION until sugar dissolves (DO NOT SCRUB BACK AND FORTH)


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